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Have you heard about the Write to Read literacy program being adopted by schools in Victoria? The evidence based Write to Read program is doing amazing things for children’s literacy.

If it’s not available in your child’s school and they’re currently struggling with reading and writing, don’t panic, there are now speech pathologists with a special interest in children’s literacy who offer the program privately.

Schools such as Eltham Primary School, running the program since 2008, have noted significant improvements in spelling on NAPLAN scores since introducing the program. But the most exciting changes since implementing Write to Read are major improvements in the children at the lower end of the achievement scale who previously struggled with reading, writing and spelling. Children in the top end and mid-range of the literacy scale have also shown growth in their literacy scores too.

What is the Write to Read Program?

The Write to Read program is a multi-sensory literacy program that teaches children the skills that they need in order to successfully and confidently learn to read and write.

The program teaches them to literally decode the English language using both their visual and auditory senses. It is based on the understanding that the 26 letters of the English alphabet actually make 70 different sounds or phonograms (phonics). The phonograms are taught to children using fun rhymes and codes so they can easily work out the letters required to spell any word. They are also taught the written symbol or code for each phonogram in order to be able to read and write.

Once children understand how the English language works, learning to read, write and spell is no longer bewildering, confusing, overwhelming or frustrating. It moves them from guessing to true understanding and comprehension.

How Write to Read can help YOUR child

Good literacy skills are essential for a successful and happy life. Falling behind in literacy can affect every aspect of your child’s education and is commonly associated with poor self-esteem and self-confidence.

If your child is struggling with reading, writing or spelling and your school doesn’t currently offer the Write to Read program you can still benefit from the program with private sessions with a specialist children’s speech pathologist such as Sarah Young at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic. Think of it as a bit like literacy tutoring, only much much more.

The program will give your child the essential skills they need in order to better learn reading and writing in the classroom setting. It will help them keep up and not get left behind by allowing them to actually understand how the English language works. The program will also give you the tools as a parent to help your child master reading, writing and spelling at home.

Empowering you as a parent and teaching YOU how to help YOUR child helps to diffuse much of the frustration that comes with watching your child struggle and fall behind in literacy at school. Schools do their best, but children learn in many different ways and the Write to Read program understands this by covering all the ways in which children learn. By teaching multi-sensory, clear and detailed instructions, the process of “I see, I hear, I do” allows all children to successfully learn using all pathways to their brain.

What does the Write to Read program cover?

The Write to Read program covers ALL aspects of English literacy:

· Listening

· Speaking

· Spelling

· Reading

· Writing

· Handwriting

· Comprehension

At each session your child will be taught:

· Introducing and practicing the 70 phonograms that make up the 26 letters of the alphabet

· Handwriting sessions

· The rules of the English language

· Activities to develop their comprehension and vocabulary

· Clear and detailed grammar instruction

They will be given activities to practice at home to reinforce the learning until each skill can be applied independently.

How can I get my child started on Write to Read Program?

If you want to start your child on the path to succeeding rather than struggling with reading, writing and spelling, contact speech pathologist Sarah Young at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic today and ask about the evidence based and highly successful Write to Read program.

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