How Great it is to Communicate: Resources for Parents

“Learning to speak is one of life’s most important accomplishments.”

(Reilly, Mckean, Morgan & Wake)


This short video demonstrates the impact of “invisible” communication disorders and how speech therapy can improve your family’s quality of life:


TALKING POINT is an excellent site with lots of great information on communication, including what to expect at different ages:

  • A quick and easy way to check the progress of your child’s language development:

  • Tips for talking with your child:


  • What do speech pathologists really mean when they say ‘speech’, ‘language’ or ‘talking’?

  • Is your child bilingual? Find out more about assessment and management of communication difficulties when your family speaks more than one language:

  • Ever stopped to consider the number of steps in the communication chain? Look at all the places where it could break down!


  • Watch this mother using a ‘still face’ versus ‘expressive face’ with her child – it’s a fascinating reminder of how crucial it is to respond to your child’s attempts at communication:

  • Fantastic tips for grandparents on communicating with grandchildren:

  • Want to learn how to use apps to develop your child’s communication skills?



  • Ways to help your preschool child who stutters:

  • Do you have a bilingual child who stutters?


Mother and daughter talking in kitchen

By Nicola Anglin (Speech Pathologist)



Identifying and managing common childhood language and speech impairments

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