Spotlight on Stuttering

Welcome to our special edition on stuttering! Missed some of our blog posts on this issue or want to learn more about a specific aspect of stuttering? Read on…


What do we mean by stuttering? It’s not just repetitions of sounds or words.

  • Time Out


Find out what happens in the brain of a person who stutters and how can speech therapy help:

  • Watch this (Brain) Space


Wondering whether there’s a link between stuttering and language ability in children? Here’s what some Melbourne researchers discovered:

  • W-words, Words, Words (with apologies to Shakespeare)

Stuttering can have long-term impacts on academic, social and emotional development and employment opportunities. Learn how this communication disorder affects these areas:

  • Stuttering in Children


  • Rhythm and Blues


The way we communicate is integral to our identity. How does stuttering affect your sense of self?

  • To Be or Not to Be


  • Rhythm and Blues

Many children, adolescents and adults who stutter experience anxiety, and anxiety can make it harder to speak fluently. Learn how you can support your child or yourself:

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Words?


  • Rhythm and Blues


  • Speaking Up About Fear


What actually happens in speech therapy? Find out below:

  • Rhythm and Blues


  • Therapies Designed to Stop Stuttering in Adults


  • Time Out

Looking for some tips to encourage smooth speech or some resources to share with teachers and other families to improve understanding of stuttering? Try these:

  • 5 Tips for Stuttering in Children


  • To Be or Not to Be


  • Coming Unstuck×430.jpg

If you’re concerned that your child may be stuttering, seek assessment by a speech pathologist. Early treatment gives you the best chance of success. Australia has world-leading treatment, and we have been delivering it for years. Call 9899 5494 today!


By Nicola Anglin (Speech Pathologist)

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