Indra has worked as a speech pathologist for the past 26 years with all age groups. Working with preschool and school-aged children she has worked exclusively in primary schools over the last ten years improving students’ communication skills in the areas of speech clarity, pre-literacy skills, understanding and using spoken language as well as social skill development.

Indra is excited to be helping younger children as well as continuing with school-aged students, their families and carers to develop their child’s effective communication skills and confidence in learning and social situations. Her speech therapy sessions are playful with a splash of humor and fun. Children enjoy their sessions and work on their goals in an interactive and enjoyable space.

She understands the importance of broadening families’ knowledge and understanding of their child’s communication needs and goals and how they can help their child achieve practical and useful communication skills.

Indra is excited to be part of the Box Hill Speech Pathology team.

Indra is a Certified Practising speech pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic Adult Speech Pathologist, Melbourne Greer Doolan