Speech Pathologist

Scott is an experienced and spirited speech pathologist who loves working with children to see them improve across all areas of communication.

Scott graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. He has experience working with children of a variety of ages; from pre-school, through primary school and into adolescence. Scott is particularly passionate about treating stuttering and literacy disorders.

Scott’s experience working in schools for the Department of Education has given him the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and teachers. Scott has a broad knowledge base when assessing and treating disorders of spoken and written language, literacy, fluency, articulation and social skills.

Scott McNabb
Scott also has extensive experience working with the Program for Students with Disabilities, assessing and providing reports that ensure children are provided with the best assistance to support their learning in schools.

Scott loves to engage his clients with a range of therapy options to ensure they stay motivated and meet their goals. Scott has particular strengths in building rapport quickly and ensuring that parents are involved in the therapy process. He believes that open communication ensures the best learning outcomes for all clients.

Scott is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia.

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Scott McNabb has a special interest in speech development and language difficulty. Book your child an appointment with a speech therapist at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic on (03) 9899 5494 or direct your child speech therapy questions to enquiries@speech-therapy.com.au.