Provisional Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Steph graduated from The Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. She is an approachable, friendly clinician who enjoys making therapy enjoyable yet effective for her clients. Steph has consistently strived to advocate for her client’s needs and find the best ways to support their families.

Steph has worked as a member of Box Hill Speech Pathology’s administration team and through this experience she has observed the profound change that clinicians make on their client’s communication competence and confidence. She has had the opportunity to observe various sessions which has helped her in developing and interest in the areas of
stuttering and orofacial myology.

Steph is most passionate about working with children with austism spectrum disorder and supporting early language development. She has worked with non-verbal children and is passionate about assisting people who cannot speak to develop language skills and increase participation and inclusion in daily activities through various communication means.

Steph believes that taking a holistic approach to therapy is crucial in achieving desired outcomes. She is striving to make a difference in her client’s lives by providing them with an opportunity to feel heard and supported in their communication concerns.

Steph is a Provisional Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia.