Adult & Child Speech Pathologist, Melbourne

Vince Borg is Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic’s principal Speech Pathologist bringing a wealth of experience and innovation from his almost 35 years of practice.

Vince has worked in the eastern suburbs for over 25 years spending 10 years as Chief Speech Pathologist at the Box Hill Hospital before working full time in his private practice. Over the years, Vince has seen thousands of clients from as young as 12 months of age up to the elderly. He has worked with children, adolescents and adults with a range of speech, language, voice and fluency difficulties. He has been involved in both individual and group therapy programs as well as intensive programs. Current areas of interest include stuttering and Oro-Facial Myology (Tongue Thrust Therapy).

Vince Borg

Vince was the Founder and Chair Person of the Stuttering Interest Group for more than 8 years and is trained in delivering the Lidcombe Program which is a world renowned treatment for children’s stuttering difficulties. He has extensive knowledge and experience treating children, adolescence, young and older adults who experience stuttering difficulties and the impact this may have on their day to day lives. Vince’s sessions with younger children are fun, vibrant and practical and encourage parental involvement at all times. He has achieved outstanding results for children with fluency and stuttering difficulties. Vince is also a trained Oro-Facial Myologist and in combination with Orthodontists and Specialist Dentists he can help to reduce habital thumb sucking, open mouth postures and tongue thrusting which may be contributing to misaligned teeth. Vince has been carrying out Oro-Facial Myology treatment for more than twenty years.

Vince is often called upon to provide secondary opinions in complex diagnostic cases and provides mentoring services for other speech pathologists that are registered with Speech Pathology Australia. Vince strongly believes every individual has the right to communicate as effectively as possible.

Vince is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia.

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist