Develop clear spoken English and be better understood

Anyone who speaks English as a second language can find their accent in spoken English affects the success of their communication, in their personal or professional life – even when they have a strong mastery of the English language.

Softening an accent by improving pronunciation of English sounds, rate, rhythm, stress and intonation patterns, improves the individual’s ability to communicate effectively and be clearly understood, relieving the frustrations that can accompany failed communication and requests for repetition, and improve confidence in speaking English in different situations.

At Box Hill Speech Pathology, a personalised accent modification program is developed with the individual according to their needs. The characteristics of the accent are analysed and essential elements identified that require modification for clear spoken English to be achieved. The therapy process incorporates developing listening skills which are the foundation of good self-monitoring (a key factor in achieving change), as well as production techniques. An essential part of the change process is daily practice, as it is with learning any new skill. So a strong commitment to home practice is critical.

An initial assessment, analysing accent characteristics, is first undertaken. This is followed by 6-10 individual sessions (according to individual needs and goals). This forms the basis of the Clear Spoken English “Start-up” program. Progress is then reviewed and further intervention may be developed as required.