Making the Choice to Care for the Voice: Resources for Parents

When was the last time you lost your voice? Did it make you realise just how much we rely on our voices for expressing ourselves in social and work settings?

Composer Arvo Pärt described the human voice as “the most perfect instrument of all”. Sometimes, our unique instruments get ‘out of tune’. You have probably heard voices that sound rough (not clear and smooth), strained (effortful) or breathy (air escape can be heard when talking). Perhaps you know a man who speaks loudly all the time or a female whose voice sounds unusually low in pitch. Maybe you have experienced a dry, tired feeling in your throat after talking all day.

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Children can also experience voice problems, which may affect them in both the classroom and playground and well as when interacting with family and friends. Did you know that speech pathologists can help your child with voice problems? Find out what we mean by ‘voice’, what causes issues such as hoarseness, signs of voice problems and how to look after the voice.

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Fact Sheet on Voice  (scroll to the bottom of the page)


Causes of Voice disorders




Symptoms, Causes and Voice Care


Voice care tips


Free Volume Scale

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Watch this space for an upcoming article on voice disorders and what to expect if you see a speech pathologist.

If you have any concerns about your child’s voice, please contact Box Hill Speech Pathology clinic on 9899 5494 to arrange an appointment with Nicola Anglin.

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