Our team is growing in 2021

Speech therapy is a journey for both clients and therapists, with the common goal of having enjoyable and engaging therapy sessions, continued learning and more effective communication. For newly graduated speech therapists, it’s also a time of enthusiasm, energy, mentorship, new ideas and collaboration. Next year, we are delighted to have two new graduates join our team on their long-term journey in the world of clinical speech pathology. They are, Rachel Saldanha and Jocelyn Leung.

Rachel Saldanha
Jocelyn Leung

Existing clients should already be familiar with Rachel, who has worked in office administration within our clinic since 2019. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology as well as a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Human Structure and Function. She is experienced in delivering assessment and intervention to young children, including individuals with complex communication needs, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Rachel is particularly interested in speech sound disorders, language development, autism, social skill development and literacy.

Jocelyn has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from the Australian Catholic University. She has experience working with children with a range of needs including, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, Epilepsy and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders. She also has experience providing support within different environments, including schools, clinics and at home for both face-to-face and telehealth services.

Both Jocelyn and Rachel are members of Speech Pathology Australia, and along with their own unique experiences, skillsets and special interests, they also bring new and creative ideas to our clinic, as well as the latest techniques and knowledge. A new graduate has plenty to offer our clients and can also bring inspiration to our existing team of speech therapists.

How we work with recent graduates to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Jocelyn and Rachel will both be mentored by multiple senior speech therapists at Box Hill throughout 2021. During their mentorship and professional development, client cases will be analysed and discussed to share knowledge and provide the utmost level of care and skills for each client’s therapy session. This is an important time to share wisdom and also build important relationships within our team. All staff, including new graduates, also regularly attend workshops and seminars. Rachel and Jocelyn will soon be attending a bespoke in-house Lidcombe Program workshop for the treatment of children’s stuttering.

We look forward to welcoming Jocelyn to the Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic next year and seeing Rachel move from office administration to use her recent qualifications as a speech therapist.

To make an appointment with Rachel, Jocelyn or another member of our qualified team, call (03) 9899 5494.

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