Spotlight on Stuttering

Welcome to our special edition on stuttering! Missed some of our blog posts on this issue or want to learn more about a specific aspect of stuttering? Read on…


What do we mean by stuttering? It’s not just repetitions of sounds or words.

  • Time Out

Time Out!


Find out what happens in the brain of a person who stutters and how can speech therapy help:

  • Watch this (Brain) Space

Watch this (Brain) Space


Wondering whether there’s a link between stuttering and language ability in children? Here’s what some Melbourne researchers discovered:

  • W-words, Words, Words (with apologies to Shakespeare)
Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic Spotlight Stuttering Family Reading Together

Stuttering can have long-term impacts on academic, social and emotional development and employment opportunities. Learn how this communication disorder affects these areas:

  • Stuttering in Children


  • Rhythm and Blues


The way we communicate is integral to our identity. How does stuttering affect your sense of self?

  • To Be or Not to Be


  • Rhythm and Blues

Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic Spotlight Stuttering Girl in the Mirror Test

Many children, adolescents and adults who stutter experience anxiety, and anxiety can make it harder to speak fluently. Learn how you can support your child or yourself:

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Words?


  • Rhythm and Blues


  • Speaking Up About Fear


What actually happens in speech therapy? Find out below:

  • Rhythm and Blues


  • Therapies Designed to Stop Stuttering in Adults


  • Time Out

Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic Spotlight Stuttering Child Therapy

Looking for some tips to encourage smooth speech or some resources to share with teachers and other families to improve understanding of stuttering? Try these:

  • 5 Tips for Stuttering in Children


  • To Be or Not to Be


  • Coming Unstuck

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If you’re concerned that your child may be stuttering, seek assessment by a speech pathologist. Early treatment gives you the best chance of success. Australia has world-leading treatment, and we have been delivering it for years. Call 9899 5494 today!


By Nicola Anglin (Speech Pathologist)

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