Therapies Designed To Stop Stuttering In Adults

Therapies Designed To Stop Stuttering In Adults

To stop stuttering is to start living. Adults who have a stutter (also known as a stammer) truly believe this. Every day, they endure embarrassment and an inability to communicate. Socially and professionally, stammering acts as an impediment, and the emotional toll is substantial. To be able to converse without a stutter, would be life-transforming. The speech therapists at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic are acutely aware of this, including principal therapist Vince Borg whose special clinical area of interest is stuttering. With our speech pathologists all having completed Lidcombe training, our therapy programs are designed to substantially lessen, or even stop, this most disruptive of speech disorders.

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What Is Stuttering…And What Causes It?

Stuttering, is the repetition, elongation or blocking of a sound, word or even a phrase. We’re all aware of that ‘machine gun’ speech pattern in stutterers, the quick-fire repetition which is the most obvious sign of this condition. But stuttering might also involve involuntary facial movement and the avoidance of certain words. Stutterers might even take the seemingly drastic step of avoiding certain situations or people, as this may trigger and exacerbate their stutter.

As with many physical conditions, the exact cause of stuttering is unknown. There are theories of course, with many of these suppositions being widely accepted:

  • – Genetics: About 60% of stutterers have a close family member who shares the same condition
  • – Development delays as we grow older. Most of us stuttered as we learnt to talk, but in most of us, this was reduced as our speech improved. Not everyone was so lucky.
  • – Differences in the way our brain processes language
  • – A gap between brain messages and the body parts required for speaking
  • – A rapid rate of speaking
  • – Social anxiety

Whatever the cause, and whether or not you call it stuttering or stammering, the speech therapists at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic have a range of programs designed to reduce and control a stutter.

What We Can Do To Stop Stuttering

As is well known, the speech therapists at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic like to keep their treatment options open. Everyone is different, and one therapy program might work fine for one person… but not so well for another. When it comes to treating a stutter therefore, the therapist will make a thorough assessment of the client, and look closely at possible causes and factors, physical or social, that might trigger or worsen the stutter. With the knowledge gained from this unique case study, the therapist will then look at all available treatment options and programs to find the best fit, whether it’s the Lidcombe Program, Smooth Speech Program or Camperdown Program. There are many ways to overcome the embarrassment and frustration of stuttering – and the speech therapists at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic know all of them!

Vince BorgVicky Andrews, Genevieve Tierney, Rochelle Vizelman, Rachel Saldanha, Jocelyn Leung, Dr Lisa Furlong and Ella Mechelan all have a special interest in speech development and language difficulty. Book your child an appointment with a speech therapist at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic on (03) 9899 5494 or direct your child speech therapy questions to



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