Mouth Breathing in Children from Dr. German Ramirez

Orofacial myofunctions have many possible variations, but tongue thrust is the most common.

Tongue thrust is a term used to describe a method of swallowing, where the tongue pushes forward against or through the front teeth. All babies will swallow this way, but as their mouth grows and develops, so too should their swallow pattern. Sometimes however, due to physical factors like weak muscles or jaw structure, this immature swallowing pattern continues into childhood and will persist unless steps are taken to address the issue. Tongue thrust can cause misalignment of teeth and speech problems.

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What’s involved in tongue thrust therapy?

Tongue thrust therapy includes exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles, retraining the tongue to stay back from the front of the mouth, and teaching a new way for the person to swallow and form some speech sounds. This instruction programme is performed by our Orofacial Myologist.

Meet our Orofacial Myologist

Vincent Borg, our principal speech pathologist, is also a trained Orofacial Myologist with a keen interest in working with clients with an orofacial myofunctional disorder. Rochelle Vizelman is another speech pathologist who specialises in providing therapy for clients with orofacial myofunctional disorders of all ages. While no referral is necessary, we do have strong links with a number of dentists and orthodontists across Melbourne as our orofacial myology programme can be complementary and beneficial to some clients in combination with orthodontic or specialist dental treatment such as teeth straightening or oral surgery. Both Vincent and Rochelle are also able to provide the orofacial myology or tongue thrust programme via Telehealth and are passionate about making it available for everyone.

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