What Can I Expect When I Visit a Speech Pathologist?

Sessions with a speech pathologist run for 30, 45 or 60 minutes each (the duration of your session will depend on a number of factors). Almost all of our therapy programs are conducted one-to-one, and for this reason we generally advise maintaining the same speech pathologist throughout treatment.

Each program is individually devised to meet your or your child’s particular requirements, so it is important to discuss your needs at the time of assessment. Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic incorporates a range of programs and therapies into their treatments, including:

  • Lidcombe Stuttering Program
  • Derbyshire Language Program
  • Blades Language Program
  • Nuffield Dyspraxia Speech Program
  • Talkabout Program
  • Sound Contrasts in Phonology Program
  • Write to Read Literacy Program
  • Orofacial Myology Program
  • Smooth Speech Program for Stuttering
  • Camperdown Program for Stuttering
  • Boardmaker for Early Communication
  • COMPIC for Early Communication
  • Hanen – It Takes Two To Talk Program
  • Tongue Thrust Therapy
  • Metaphon Therapy
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy
  • Extra Language Resources

A speech pathologist can identify the medical, environmental, functional or emotional factors that are causing you difficulty, and can teach you specific skills and strategies to use in everyday circumstances to manage these difficulties.

Home practice for ALL clients is vital! Your speech therapist will be reinforced many times when you attend therapy.

What does assessment by a speech therapist entail?

Accurate assessment and diagnosis of communication difficulties is critical in order to develop an appropriate and specific therapy program.

Assessment usually takes up to an hour, although sometimes additional sessions are necessary. At times, phone calls to other health and educational professionals are necessary to complete the assessment. Occasionally, visits beyond the clinic are undertaken. Written reports are then compiled from your history and our assessment. If appropriate, referrals to other professionals are recommended.

We’ll estimate the length of time your speech therapy is likely to take; however, there are many factors which will affect this timeframe. We set realistic goals in consultation with our clients, and regularly review their progress throughout their therapy, consequently changing the goals as needed. Speech therapy for children will usually take one, two or three terms of weekly visits.

On line teletherapy for stuttering.

Our online “teletherapy” stuttering therapy is a convenient and effective method of providing therapy to those who find it difficult to attend the clinic in person, allowing you to access our services in the comfort of your own home.

Research to date has shown that teletherapy is as successful as face-to-face in-house therapy. Teletherapy is available for our Orofacial Myology program, Tongue Thrust Therapy and stuttering treatments.

Download our Brochure – Tongue Thrust Therapy using Skype

Appointments can be made by phoning the clinic on (03) 9899 5494, (03) 9894 0856 during business hours, or via email at: enquiries@speech-therapy.com.au

Other services to detect stuttering in children.

Early assessment of stuttering in children is vital, so we offer speech pathology services to groups in our local community.

We give talks to child care centres, preschools, schools, maternal and child health centres and parent groups.
We conduct, with prior arrangement, group screenings of preschool children at their kindergartens.

Talk to a friendly speech pathologist at Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic today.